FridayFocus: Lower Body Workout

In this week’s FridayFocus we look at the five best exercises for not just your legs, but your entire lower body and how they impact you!

1. Front Squat – The front squat predominantly works your quads and upper back, compared to the back squat which works your hips, glutes and lower back, however it is just as effective in overall muscle recruitment as back squats.

2. Romanian Deadlift – The romanian deadlift doesn’t just work your leg muscles, because it’s a compound movement it also works the majority of your body! It increases mobility in your hips, as well as working your glutes and hamstrings.

3. Dumbbell Step-ups – Dumbbell step-ups work most of the muscles in your legs, from quads to glutes. They also work your inner thigh and calf muscles making them perfect for leg day.

4. Leg Press – The leg press works all of the muscles in your lower body, especially your thighs, hamstrings, quads and glutes. If you’re in the gym and fancy having a go on the assisted weights machines, the leg press is perfect for leg day!

5. Walking Lunges – Walking lunges are a great way of improving functionality and balance whilst also making sure you’re toning symmetrically. You can also use them to better your hip flexibility and core stability. They are great for isolating and activating your glutes, and also take pressure off of your spine.