WednesdayWorkout: Orlando Bloom

In this week’s WednesdayWorkout we are looking at one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Orlando Bloom. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor has revealed how he maintains his amazing physique – taking inspiration from his celebrity friends!

Inspired by The Rock and surfer Laird Hamilton, Bloom’s workout routine consists of a variation of weight exercises. The Rock – whose workout we have previously looked at, inspired Orlando to ‘take his gym everywhere’. Bloom’s training plan, focuses on weight training and building and strengthening his muscles. Such exercises include:

  • Bicep curls
  • Deadlifts
  • Triceps dips
  • Overhead triceps extensions

Bloom performs these in circuits, however, after being introduced by his friend and American big-wave surfer, Laird Hamilton, the actor alternates this workout with another unique training method – ‘Aqua Training’.

Aqua training builds strength and improves speed, agility and mobility. The underwater workout deoxygenates your blood – this pushes your body for a more intense workout. Aqua training reduces the impact and stress on your joints, so if you’re injury prone or have recently been injured it might be a good option. Bloom’s aqua training consists of:

  • Push plate chest press

Submerge the plate in the water and push it away from your chest. It gives your upper body a good workout because the water creates more resistance on the plate making the exercise harder than on dry-land.

  • One hand dumbbell laps

This is simply swimming across the pool with a dumbbell in one arm. Orlando does this for as long as he can with one breath of air.

  • Push plate rotations

Working your abs and core. push plate rotations consist of rotating your torso from side to side pulling and pushing the plate through the water.

  • Jumping squats

Stand flat on the bottom of the pool, with a weight squat and then push up with the weights to the surface of the pool.

  • Dumbbell walks

Orlando will walk across the bottom of the pool (completely underwater) with dumbbells in both arms. As well as working his arms and upper body, this will work his legs due to the resistance of the water.

Credit: Orlando Bloom

Trained by Laird himself, Bloom is used to Aqua training and has built up his ability to complete the exercises in the water. If you are going to try this make sure you don’t strain yourself – work your way up to this level to avoid injury or danger.

Bloom has been in good shape for some years –  maintaining this has been through hard work, dedication and workouts like the one’s above!