WednesdayWorkout: Mark Wahlberg

The celebrity we’re focusing on for this week’s WednesdayWorkout is Mark Wahlberg, one of Hollywood’s biggest fitness fanatics! Wahlberg has starred in films such as Lone Survivor, The Fighter and Pain & Gain. The Boston-born actor is renowned for his intense training and  incredible body transformations, and his preparation for his new film Transformers: The Last Knight is no different!

Previously for his role in Pain & Gain, Wahlberg’s regime was focused on shredding body fat whilst building lean muscle mass. However, since then he now incorporates more body weight and suspension work.

Now on to his workout:

Chinups – Chinups are a great exercise because the only equipment you need is a bar that can hold your bodyweight and they work nearly a dozen different muscles. The chinup works your chest, arms, shoulders and back, as well as improving balance and stability. To intensify the chin up exercise, try to go down slowly or pause at the top.

Incline dumbbell bench press –  During a flat bench the upper chest muscle is almost completely ignored, and the lower takes the brunt of the workout. However, the incline bench press allows you to work your upper chest muscle as well.

TRX figure-4 stretch – TRX training is great because it works multiple muscle groups whilst constantly working your core. There are a variety of TRX movements you can do each targeted at working as much of your body as possible and getting the most out of your workout.

Kettlebell lunge – The kettlebell lunge works your quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves, as well as improving your strength, balance, stability and power.

TRX pushup – The TRX pushup works your shoulders, chest and arms and is even more effective than a normal pushup because it is more demanding of your core.

TRX inverted row – The inverted row works your chest, biceps and back but because it is being performed on the TRX it also provides an extremely heavy bore workout. This makes it a great exercise to consider when looking for a full body workout.

TRX supine hip extension – Supine hip extensions are great at activating your glutes and because of you are alternating from side to side it also provides an amazing core workout!

Leg curl – Leg curls work your glutes and hamstrings, as well as providing a good overall lower body workout. Leg exercises cannot be overlooked when working towards a fitness goal.

Hanging leg raise – The hanging leg raise is one of the best core exercises around, and it works your core muscles and lower back muscles as well as your grip strength.

Mark Wahlberg’s workout regime focuses heavily on TRX ab training and his physique shows that. Performing this routine at reps and weight to suit your fitness levels will help make your abs more prominent whilst improving stability and overall strength!