WednesdayWorkout: Floyd Mayweather

Following his fight against Conor McGregor, this week’s Wednesday Workout focuses on Floyd Mayweather. The boxer won the match after 10 rounds, and we’ll be looking at how the boxer has built this incredible stamina and fitness, despite being 40.

In preparation for the fight Mayweather went to a reactivation camp where boxers in their late 30’s and 40’s train. The 12-week camp got him back into fighting shape and involved a variety of exercises and activities – following his retirement from the sport last year.

A typical day at the camp starts with cardio training – normally a 5/6 mile run which aims to build his endurance levels, ensuring he will be able to go the distance in the ring.

Following this he will hit the gym. His sessions will include cardio focused exercises such as skipping and sparing.

Sparing builds his technical ability but also, by replicating a real match (lasting 7-12 rounds), it improves Mayweather’s stamina.

Muscular endurance and strength building is a huge part of any boxer’s workout and an example of a circuit Mayweather does in training includes:

  • Pull ups
  • Sit ups
  • Dips
  • Double-end bag

(In entirety, he will do 200 reps of these throughout the circuit)

Although he does weight training, due to his age it isn’t the emphasis of Mayweather’s workout. This is in fact neck training which is important as it aims to control the impact from head shots.

Mayweather is ‘old’ within the sport and his training is tailored to his age. The camp focuses on this and ensures his training is suited to him. An example of an exercise which is included but not usual for boxing training is yoga. Including this at the end of each session will work with his connective tissue and minimises the risk of injury.

Through this training method and the reactivation camp which attended, Floyd Mayweather got into the shape following his retirement last year and gave him the tools needed to win the match.