FridayFocus: Easter Special

Easter is an extremely indulgent time of year, with people already tucking into their Easter eggs across the UK. However we’re not so sure that they’d be indulging quite as much if they knew just how much exercise they would have to do to burn off the eggs!

However, this shouldn’t get you down! We’ve come up with the three best exercises for burning off those extra Easter calories!

The nation’s three favourite Easter eggs are Creme Eggs, Mini Eggs and Cadbury Dairy Milk Eggs (according to a recent survey by and we’ve worked out just how long it would take to burn off each by running, swimming and skipping.

To burn off a Creme Egg Easter egg you would need to run for 1.6 hours, swim for 1 hour and skip for more than 1.6 hours.

To burn off a Mini Eggs Easter egg you would need to run for 1.1 hours, swim for 1.7 hours and skip for 1.6 hours.

Finally, to burn off an XL Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter egg you would need to run for 3 hours, swim for 2 hours and skip for more than 2.9 hours.

Now as you can probably see swimming is by far the best exercise when it comes to calorie burning, and in fact some of the best compound movements such as squats take more than 20 minutes longer to burn off any one of these eggs than swimming!

So, come Monday morning when your fitness regime kicks in again remember, swimming is the quickest and most efficient way to burn off the extra calories you’ve built up over the Easter weekend.